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Successful requirements development

Successful requirements development 

A customer’s Ground Enterprise Directorate had a vision for a future ground architecture and needed to reassess the existing mission activity chain with a strategy view to eliminate stove pipes for the shaping of a multi-INT focus in future operations.

Using our full life cycle systems engineering services, we worked with the customer to establish goals and objectives from extant directives and mapping them to their prioritized mission capabilities. These formed a defensible value model to support architecture trades and mission gap analysis. Once a baseline architecture was selected, our team developed the system CONOPS, architectural views and enterprise milestones. We then managed the development and verification of 2000+ requirements and 120+ interfaces traceable to enterprise level through lower level segment requirements.

Ultimately, this delivered an integrated mission baseline that consolidated 400 projects into 15 mission centers with Ground Enterprise Milestones that defined incremental capability delivery for consolidation of common ground functions without disrupting ongoing legacy operations.



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