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Intelligence Community test planning

Intelligence Community test planning

An Intelligence Community customer’s enterprise verification, validation, and test processes were lengthy, contained duplicate activities and numerous gate reviews that resulted in a highly inefficient test planning approach. As part of our mission process transformation service, our value stream mapping workshop brought together key stakeholders to capture and analyze the existing processes, identifying value-add/non-value-added activities and determined the end-to-end process cycle time. This workshop creates a visual representation of the as-is state of the test processes, functions, and information and highlights the linkage between information and material flow, increasing understanding of where the bottlenecks and inefficiencies lie. Innovations and automation were mapped into an improved, streamlined to-be state process map, providing the customer with a detailed road map of the future state and an implementation plan that will enable the transformation.


  • Identified 35 improvements, including streamlining of test planning steps and increased flow of data/information artifacts
  • The agency’s overall test planning cycle time was reduced by 77 days (a 29 percent reduction) and average cost aversion of $2.8M a year in labor costs due to the reduction in cycle time


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