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Improving system readiness through analysis

Improving system readiness through analysis

For equipment that’s rotated out of theater, the customer utilized a labor intensive, manual process to create the Authorized Project Stock List (APSL) for aircraft parts. While the process was conducted quarterly, it often took up to four months to complete. Overlapping APSL cycles and subsequent delays caused confusion and inefficiencies resulting in inadequately regulated aircraft part stock level.

Using Perspecta’s Program Control System-II (PCSII) platform, a new APSL process was built that aligned to the customer needs through collaborative design efforts with end-users and customer management. Additionally, PCSII scheduling information was applied within predictive analytics to forecast aircraft part requirements for ongoing operations, and to automate the APSL approval and acceptance process.

As a result, automation-related efficiencies reduced labor requirements and processing time by 90 percent, reducing APSL process cycle times to two weeks and increasing accuracy of aircraft part stock requirements allowing time between APSL cycles to increase from three to six months.


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