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Success stories

Managing more than 62 billion claims records for CMS

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Integrated Data Repository (IDR) is the largest government Teradata database in the world — a one petabyte Teradata system complemented by a 667 Terabyte Hadoop system serving approximately 2,500 users.

Securing smart grids and control infrastructure

Smart grids and intelligent controls provide unprecedented opportunity to improve the reliability, availability, efficiency and environmental impact of the electric power, oil, gas and water industries.

New paradigms for cyber network defense

Perspecta Labs is developing new solutions to defend and protect networks from sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks leverage widely deployed internet of things (IoT) devices to launch a barrage of strikes.

Transforming a DoD enterprise network

One of our DoD customers required the means to depict an approach that would transform their enterprise network to support seamless delivery of crucial, mission-oriented services and capabilities.

Successful requirements development 

A customer’s Ground Enterprise Directorate had a vision for a future ground architecture and needed to reassess the existing mission activity chain with a strategy view to eliminate stove pipes for the shaping of a multi-INT focus in future operations.

Improving system readiness through analysis

For equipment that’s rotated out of theater, the customer utilized a labor intensive, manual process to create the Authorized Project Stock List (APSL) for aircraft parts. While the process was conducted quarterly, it often took up to four months to complete.

Mission enterprise integration

The customer’s leadership established five portfolios to prioritize transformation activities and manage agency resources but needed methods to integrate and synchronize across its portfolios while planning solutions that supported their strategic goals.

Modeling, simulation and analysis

A congressional committee on intelligence was presented with a proposed alternative architecture for a next generation intelligence mission system under the premise that the alternative would be less expensive, provide improved performance and be quicker to transition to operations than the curre

Stopping provider fraud

Proactive data analysis demonstrated that a New York surgeon, Dr. Syad Imran Ahmed, billed patients in the hospital on an almost daily basis for incision and drainage services in the operating room that were never received.

Recovering overpayments

The federal government alleged a Tampa ambulance company, AmeriCare, repeatedly claimed nonemergency ambulance transports that weren’t medically necessary from 2008 to 2016.