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Momentum is vital to mission success. Perspecta’s team has the experience, scale and efficiency to keep moving ahead. Mission-led and mission-united, we deliver bold new ideas and practical knowledge to accelerate Navy and Marine Corps IT modernization.

Through the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract, Perspecta and a team of more than 200 subcontractors—including large companies like AT&T and Northrop Grumman and dozens of small businesses—provide comprehensive IT services to the Navy and staffing support to the Marine Corps. NGEN is the foundation that underpins the DoN’s enterprise IT capability, raising it to new levels of functionality, mobility, flexibility, adaptability, reliability and security.

The Perspecta team has the best combination for what the Navy and Marine Corps need now and in the future: fresh thinking from global tech leaders and innovative small businesses coupled with deep experience that uniquely comes from having built and operated this massive and highly-secure network. Only Perspecta can accelerate the Navy and Marine Corps to IT modernization, getting there faster and more efficiently without missing a beat on the hard work of operating the network.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced costs, allowing for mission-critical reinvestment. Streamlined operations and processes afford the Navy a $20 million a month cost avoidance on the NGEN contract, as compared to the previous CoSC contract
  • Enhanced capability for improved performance and efficiency with improved data storage and recovery solutions, as well as the ability to leverage industry best ITSM processes to provide the Navy with enhanced command and control
  • Increased cybersecurity and secure remote access, thanks to consistently evolving solutions such as defense in depth and secure posture, providing improved network security and authentication for secure network access anytime, anywhere
  • Connected Sailors and Marines to solutions that ensure reliable network access in forward-deployed locations, supported by capabilities such as the Deployable Site Transport Boundary
  • Enhanced mobile access with a modern mobile device platform means Navy users on NMCI can use government-furnished iPhones running iOS 11 to access their NMCI email, calendar, contacts and web-browsing


Modernizing the Navy Marine Corps Intranet

Through the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract Perspecta provides comprehensive IT services to the Navy and staffing support to the Marine Corps. Learn how we’re powering forward for mission success.

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