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Investigative services

Investigative services

Our greatest asset is our people: thousands of highly trained and vetted investigators and inspectors distributed throughout the U.S., ready to pursue and report the information you need to make your mission-critical decisions.

With experienced field management teams, unparalleled quality control staff and strong management, our unflagging support of your integrity in compliance, risk reduction and hiring is evident from the first step to the last. We provide a suite of investigative services to help government organizations identify, investigate and mitigate risk.

SafeGuard Services

Perspecta company, SafeGuard Services affords Perspecta additional capabilities in identifying and eliminating fraud, waste and abuse for our government customers through integrated data analysis, medical claims review and investigation services.

Key benefits include:

  • Compliance with financial laws and regulations
  • Diminished risk from due diligence of personnel companies and their principals
  • Increased profitability through recovery of past overpayments and through mitigation of future fraud, waste and abuse loss
  • Reduced risk of predatory attacks through strengthened policies and enhanced use of automated prepayment protection
  • Decreased risk of adverse publicity and increased potential for positive publicity regarding proactive approach to address fraud, waste, and abuse

Since 1999, SafeGuard Services has prevented more than $8.8B in inappropriate payments, consisting of more than $5.5B in proactively prevented dollars and $3.3B in recovered dollars. Our experience with fraud and abuse analytics resulted in the referral of hundreds of cases to law enforcement and successful criminal and civil prosecution and civil monetary penalties.

Success story

Stopping provider fraud

Proactive data analysis demonstrated that a New York surgeon billed patients in the hospital on an almost daily basis for incision and drainage services they never received.

Success story

Recovering overpayments

Tampa ambulance provider agrees to pay back $5.5M in fraudulent nonemergency ambulance claims.