Perspecta keeps the Food and Drug Administration connected and on the COVID-19 front lines

As part of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) collective infrastructure support team, more than 200 Perspecta team members enable researchers, scientists, chemists, inspectors and other agency personnel to conduct their daily mission. The support we provide to the FDA is a prime example of mission-essential services, especially as the FDA worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and international partners to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

While a large portion of Perspecta’s FDA team regularly worked remotely prior to the pandemic, 100% teleworking was new for the government employees. Our FDA team worked with the customer to ensure the necessary infrastructure was in place to allow FDA employees to telework full time. We ensured FDA employees could access their network, applications and servers to partner with industry leaders to rapidly develop potential treatments; grant emergency-use authorizations for diagnostics; and protect consumers from fraudulent products. In addition to the remote infrastructure, Perspecta supported several other urgent requests to outfit network and voice-related capabilities in the Metro D.C. area. These changes supported emergency operations and COVID-19 pandemic-related tasks.