Perspecta helps the Commonwealth of Virginia transition to mainframe as a service

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) was in need of mainframe services to improve delivery quality, ensure cost competitiveness, improve financial transparency and support the commonwealth’s migration to a multi-sourcing service integration delivery model.

To meet the customer’s needs, Perspecta proposed transitioning Virginia’s mainframe workload to a mainframe as a service (MFaaS) solution hosted out of Perspecta’s mid-Atlantic data center (MDC), as well as multiple transformation initiatives to reduce technical debt and improve security.

After assuming operational responsibility of VITA’s legacy infrastructure, Perspecta began to execute transformation services on the mainframe while providing 24/7 operational support for workloads that are critical to public safety and state operations including the Department of Motor Vehicles, state police, state payroll and child support services.

The VITA mainframe program has been hailed a success on multiple levels. Perspecta provided VITA with a seamless transition from a single vendor model to an multi-sourcing service integrator model, effectively implemented a MFaaS solution and provided advantageous transformation services that addressed hardware, software, operational and security risks. The transition of services to Perspecta has led to improved mainframe services, increased efficiencies, lowered costs and heightened security for the commonwealth and represents a major step forward in the implementation of VITA’s overall IT strategy.