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Advancing public health and improving patient care. That’s what we do.

When medical decisions are made without the complete and relevant set of information, the health and well-being of the patient is what’s at stake. With our expertise in data science, big-data architecture and applied data research, we help customers accelerate interoperability and harness data to gain rapid insights that drive positive health care outcomes.


Built on open standards
Provides highest degree of flexibility and ability to integrate with other systems


Highly adaptable
Can be deployed in various settings regardless of scale or complexity


Drive evidence-based decision making
Generate more meaningful insights and enable better decision making


Lasting impact
Using a standards-based approach allows organizations to focus more on long-term thinking

Bottom line: we handle the complexity so you can stop worrying about fragmented data and start making better decisions

Better decisions. Minus the hassle.

Our digital health platform collects and enriches raw, disjointed
information from various health care data sets into a single platform.

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