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DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II

DHS EAGLE II is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) task order contract that provides a full range of IT capabilities/solutions and emerging technologies for use by all U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components. Under the IDIQ, Perspecta is available to provide DHS components with infrastructure engineering and design, operations and maintenance, and software development services.

Perspecta brings extensive commercial and government IT experience to the contract and will build on the mission-critical IT services successfully delivered under DHS EAGLE, including operation of Enterprise Data Center 2, private cloud offerings, and applications modernization and hosting for several DHS components.

It is imperative that DHS components have access to the most efficient and effective IT services to support their mission objectives. Leveraging our experience and lessons learned from EAGLE, Perspecta can provide valuable and successful solutions to DHS and its components starting on day one of the EAGLE II contract.

Perspecta focuses on incorporating quality into all facets of the program, including timely and error-free submission of Monthly Task Order Activity Reports and other required documentation; cost control; establishing and maintaining productive business relations; selection, placement and retention of key and critical personnel; and utilization and advancement of small business concerns. Our Quality Management Approach under EAGLE II includes the following steps and is fully compliant with the highest levels on the CMMI scale:

  1. Determine performance measures and corresponding goals (Quality Planning)
  2. Measure performance against goals at pre-defined collection points (Quality Assurance)
  3. Analyze performance and performance trends (Quality Control)
  4. Identify areas for improvement (Quality Control)
  5. Institute corrective actions (Quality Control)
Category Description
Contract Holder

Perspecta Engineering Inc.
Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-D-E2092
DUNS: 827599759

Perspecta Enterprise Solutions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perspecta
Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-D-E2091

Contract Type Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (MA-IDIQ)
Sponsor Department of Homeland Security, Office of Procurement Operations, Information Technology Acquisition Center
Contract Types Supported Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials (T&M), Cost Reimbursement and Labor-Hour (L-H)
Agency Service Fee No
Scope of Contract Discount Offered (Per task order) Service Delivery (FC1)
Integration Software
Operations and Maintenance
Which agencies can use this contract? Department of Homeland Security
Task Order Competition Required Yes
Performance Period Five-Year Base
9/27/2013 – 9/26/2018

Two-Year Option Period
9/27/2018 – 9/26/2020
All Task Orders Received Please visit the DHS EAGLE II website
Teaming Partners Small Businesses
22nd Century Technologies Inc.
Alta IT Services
Barrister Global Services Network
Bay State Computers
Dev Technology
Engineering, Software and Network Services
Managed Business Solutions
Miracle Systems
Wexler Technical Solutions

Large Businesses
Bart and Associates
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Points of Contact

Josh Rabinowitz

Gregg Hawrylko
EAGLE II Program Manager

Carolyn Smith
Teaming Coordinator

Rachel Mayhew
EAGLE II Contracts Manager