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Perspecta was formed to take on the big challenges. By convening the expertise of teams across the full array of security, technology and information services fields, we’re built to solve our nation’s most complex challenges. The work ahead isn’t easy, but we have what it takes to do the job and we’d love for you to join us.

At Perspecta, we don’t take our work lightly. We empower the teams who are building our infrastructure and protecting our borders. We bring our ideas to bear in technologies that fuel progress and strengthen security. Above all, we work tirelessly to secure a bright future for our nation. We serve customers whose missions matter—and we take pride in our dedication to their success.

Without a doubt, our people make the difference. That’s why, along with helping our customers achieve their mission success, our people are our top priority. When you sign on with Perspecta, you align yourself with some of the smartest, most dedicated people in the industry. From career systems integrators with decades of experience, upstart investigators maintaining the security of public sector customers, to rocket scientists launching the technologies of tomorrow, you’ll find a team of people you’ll be proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with.

Our work includes:


Learning and development

We have a culture of learning where training and career development is a partnership and mutual investment between the company and the employee. Our workforce is the best and the brightest. That's because we ensure they have access to the right tools and educational opportunities from day one to succeed and grow their careers at Perspecta.

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When it comes to benefits for our employees and their families, Perspecta is committed to offering options that provide choices, value and control over health care spending.

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Military recruiting

Perspecta values the character, experience and skills possessed by those who have served our country and in the military community. We actively seek them out to join our team.

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Background investigator careers

Perspecta is the largest provider of background investigation services for the U.S. government in the federal, intelligence and civilian space. Email us to learn more about joining our team.

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