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DevSecOps is all about people, process and technology, as well as applying lean principles and automation to drive better collaboration between your teams.

Perspecta’s AWS DevSecOps extends the agile mindset to the cloud to provide easily adaptable responsive infrastructure environments for all teams to securely collaborate and automate software delivery life cycle processes. By leveraging AWS, partner and open source tools, we are able to integrate robust software delivery pipeline tools and automate delivery. This tool integration accelerates the continuous delivery process, and our built-in security processes ensure you identify critical security requirements when it’s most effective and efficient—early in the development life cycle.

Perspecta partners with you and AWS in your DevSecOps journey to securely drive delivery, efficiency and relevance of technology solutions. Trusted advice, cost effective implementation and flexible governance maximize the value, and enable agility and realization of your digital strategy.

The Perspecta approach

Perspecta DevSecOps approach

People: Our team has DevSecOps expertise on AWS cloud-native platforms and hold advanced AWS certifications.

Process:We bring proven DevSecOps processes, best practices and a maturity model that outlines the full process for implementing DevSecOps on AWS. We have successfully applied this process to numerous government customers across federal civilian, defense and intelligence agencies.

Technology: We bring specific AWS capabilities in DevSecOps practices and CI/CD to quickly move application changes from development to testing to deployment of the production system.

Culture change: Bringing new DevSecOps tools and technologies as well as pipelines requires managing culture shift. Perspecta has worked with our customers’ senior leaders to drive the DevOps culture shift from the top down, with leadership driving a DevOps shared journey—built on trust and collaboration—that development and operations undertake together.

The Perspecta DevOps value stream

Our team will collaborate with all stakeholders to deliver the automation in a continuous manner, enabling application release velocity and quality. To get there, we’ll use Kanban Boards for visualizing and managing work during sprints, instituting value stream mapping processes to reduce inefficiencies and redundancy. We will evaluate each step in the value stream to find and eliminate waste, providing continual improvements while creating more opportunity for innovation.

DevSecOps value stream

Using our proven process, we will automate where possible, identifying and applying tools and technologies that enhance overall team, program and enterprise productivity, increase reliability and improve predictability. Metrics from dashboards, performance metrics, security and code quality assessments, the architecture team and project quality assessments will facilitate innovation and continual improvement in people, process and technology.

Achieve peak performance 

Unleashing the power of the cloud starts with the processes and frameworks used to get there. Click to learn more about how Perspecta can help.

DevSecOps overview

DevCloud framework

Perspecta AWS DevSecOps in action 

Perspecta’s approach to DevSecOps improves processes through secure automation and collaboration. The following case studies demonstrate how we have successfully applied our methodology to support our customers:

Case management solution

National Background Investigation System—investigation management program

U.S. Department of the Army Total Ammunitions Management Information System