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Organizations are always looking for ways to work faster and better. To get there, that means digitally transforming operations and IT and moving enterprise systems to the cloud. It also means converting enterprise IT spending to a consumption-based model. But getting there can be a bit tricky. While these new cloud-based enterprise systems include workload applications, they also require changes in the supporting compute, data storage and networking resources.

Changes are also required to the operations processes, tools and methodologies. Challenges often arise when organizations don’t factor in static and dynamic system dependencies.

Even after a successful migration, cloud-based system resources and organizational processes are often not optimized to fully gain the expected benefits of the cloud. Many cloud migrations stall, fail and result in the repatriation of workloads back to the data center due to these non-optimized cloud systems.

The Perspecta approach

People: Our team has cloud migration expertise on moving applications to AWS cloud and holds advanced AWS certifications.

Process: We bring proven enterprise migration processes, best practices and a maturity model that outlines the full process for migrating to AWS cloud. We have successfully applied this process to numerous government customers across federal civilian, defense and intelligence agencies.

Technology: We bring specific AWS capabilities such as Infrastructure as Code and our migration factory to quickly move applications from development to testing to deployment.

Culture change: As part of our migration methodology we bring new tools and technologies that require managing a culture shift. Perspecta has worked with our customers’ senior leaders to drive the culture shift to cloud from the top down—built on trust and collaboration—that development and operations undertake together.

The Perspecta cloud migration methodology

Perspecta’s methodology is to take an enterprise approach to cloud migration.

Cloud migration methodology


Perspecta AWS cloud migration in action 

Taking an enterprise approach to cloud migration ensures that migrations to the cloud are grounded in all aspects of the customer environment. The following case studies demonstrate how we have successfully applied our process for our customers:

Case management solution

National Background Investigation System—investigation management program

U.S. Department of the Army Total Ammunitions Management Information System