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State and local

At Perspecta, we understand the unique challenges state and local governments face. What differentiates us is that our services come with more than 50 years of experience in the public sector, and our world-class technical capabilities deliver cost-effective solutions that meet current and future business needs.

We partner with municipal, county and state government customers across the country to identify and deliver the right infrastructure, business solutions and digital transformation services that help achieve policy objectives and enable integrated citizen-centric services.

We deliver these services in more than 30 states to support tax systems, public pensions, education, justice and public safety, elections, motor vehicle administration and many other government functions.

Success story

County of San Diego Probation Department

The County of San Diego collaborated with Perspecta to help optimize offender management, enabling access to caseloads and offender information from probation officers’ smartphones in the field.

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